News 1: Scout523 reaches 15,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

News 2: jaybird_12227 reaches 1,000,000 followers on Twitch. He is planning a celebratory livestream. 

News 3: Blazingarrowz's house has started rebuilding after a small fire caused $3,450.23 worth of damage to the kitchen and living room. He has to buy all new furniture, all new countertops, a new fridge and stove, a new dishwasher, a new microwave, and all of the food in his kitchen was charred, forcing Blazingarrowz to buy all new food. He has revealed that he has spent over $2,000 in new stuff to replace what was destroyed in the fire, plus the $920 in insurance. 

News 4: freebie4 just reached 300 subscribers on YouTube. He is planning on setting up a Twitch and doing livestreams. 

News 5: iPython just welcomed his first child into the world, a girl he named Hayley.

News 6: carsssy1 revealed that she is paralyzed, and will require a wheelchair. The paralysis may have kicked in after an operation on her diaphragm, which was severely injured in the car accident. 

News 7: iPython's video on the return of jaybird to the server after his car accident has reached 200k views. It is his third most-watched video on his channel, which currently has 80,000 subscribers. 

News 8: The Modded DisasterCraft had another disaster at spawn. A command-block lighting system was ruined in a creeper blast, and the system has been flickering wildly and has reached the point where it won't turn on. Command blocks have been allowed on DisasterCraft since July 5, 2013, when iPython needed them for a redstone device that was powering his home. 

News 9: HYTcarson and giant_attack have teamed up for a dual channel on YouTube, but are keeping their old ones, even though they will no longer be uploading on them. 

News 10: iPython revealed on his Facebook page that YouTuber xBayani will be returning along with TheCampingRusher for UHC Season 4.

News 11: freebie4 accidentally revealed that a UHC-like event will take place on the Modded server, and iPython has now been forced to release all the details on both Twitter and Facebook. It was originally going to be all secret until freebie4 accidentally opened up a page in his documents that showed the schedule for the event while he was making a tutorial video on how to install mods for Minecraft Forge. 

News 12: After uploading his perspective of the mini-game event on the vanilla sever's "Amusement Park", jaybird_12227 now has 2,000 videos on his channel, with 670k subscribers. 

News 13: 123Jason has just had a huge surge in subscribers on his YouTube channel, reaching 4k subs in jst under 10 hours, after having 3,215 subs before the surge happened. The exact cause is unknown. 

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