In a new series on this wiki, a news article series will give all important info on the DisasterCraft SMP Server, which was originally the Disasterpedia Wiki Fan Server until it partnered with MindCrack to become an indepedent SMP server. 

  • News 1: jaybird_12227 will be returning to the server to be in a mini-game event planned for January 21, 2014. He is still recovering from his car accident. 
  • News 2: A world download has been provided for the original DisasterCraft map, which was reset on December 12, 2014. The delay has no known cause. 
  • News 3: The Modded DisasterCraft Server is scheduled for a reboot as more mods are added to the private DisasterCraft mod pack. The inactivity on the server initally called for a total shut-down, but iPython and Scout523 voted to keep the server alive by rebooting it and adding more mods. 
  • News 4: DisasterCraft mod pack has a public release date: January 26, 2014. A Forum page on the Minecraft Forums is being created as of January 22, 2014. 
  • News 5: jaybird's wife, carsssy1, will not be returning until early February. 
  • News 6: Blazingarrowz's house caught fire on January 19, 2014. Part of his kitchen and living room are destroyed. He may not upload to his channel until February when his house is fixed.
  • News 7: jaybird_12227 hits 600k subscribers on YouTube. 
  • News 8: The DisasterCraft Subreddit has reached 1k subscribers. 
  • News 9: On January 19, 2014, freebie4 uploaded his first YouTube video in over two and a half years. It is 54 minutes long and is him in a new DisasterCraft series. 
  • News 10: Golden_Bird started a Pixelmon server. It was created due to his Pixelmon series on YouTube reaching 50 episodes. It was also his 345th video. 

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