Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth, written by American author and cartoonist Jeff Kinney, is the fifth book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.[1] It was released on November 9, 2010.[1]


The book opens with how Greg is doing after his fight with Rowley (See Dog Days). Greg finds out that Rowley's parents have replaced Greg with a role-model-for-hire named "Cool Brian."

Greg tries to be more popular at school by parading around his schoolbook that was previously owned by the most popular kid at school, Jordan Jury, and posting edited pictures of himself online. Greg then tries out for a commercial contest, in which he loses partially because of his age. Greg realizes that he is discriminated against often, and wishes he was the center of attention again as he was when he was younger. The teachers show a video to the boys about puberty, Rowley, however, didn't make it thourgh the whole video. Rowley then starts avoiding the other boys because he's afarid he will "catch puberty" and stops hanging out with "Cool Brain".

The family schedules to go out of town to go to his Uncle Gary's fourth wedding, and Greg realizes he will get "The Talk" from his great-grandmother Gammie, the head of the Heffley family. The Heffley men are forced to take care of chores around the home when Mom goes back to college to stimulate her mind. Greg is ordered to wake himself up in the morning, a plan that fails. Greg is so tired during school that he accidentally sets off the fire alarm in his sleep deprived state.

Greg faces other misfortunes such as his dentist being switched from a friendly, kid-centered place to the office of Dr. Kagen, who takes his job much more seriously, and dealing with a lazy maid called Isabella hired to clean the house. His school plans a "Lock-In" party at the gym, which turns out to be a disaster. Greg is jealous of Rowley because he now has a large zit on his forehead. Greg realizes he will not be able to attend Jordan Jury's party because he will be at Uncle Gary's wedding. He receives "The Talk" from Gammie, who shares with him the horrors of growing up, and Greg now wants to hold on to his childhood as long as he can. Susan stops going to college, and Greg makes up with Rowley.


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