The film starts out with an entrance to a small house. A little boy walks in and hears music coming from a room. He walks there and discovers Mr. Bubble Bear (Collin Copley) dancing on a bed. Mr. Buble Bear sees him and asks him how he's doing, then a gunshot goes off and then the main credits cut off the rest of the scene. 10 days later, the dead body is found, along with evidence. Dr. Brandon West (Brandon Nichols) discovers who might be the killer, in shock due to it when he discovers that the killer is Donovon Greg (Donovon Tice). Dr. Taylor Brighton (Taylor McWhorter) is the lead assistant to Brandon, and hardly does any work. The owner of the company, Taylor West (Taylor Swift) is Brandon's mother, and covers for him when he gets sick. Meanwhile, more evidence is found of the dead Mr. Bubble Bear. Then, reports of Mr. Oko are said that he was murdered in a gas station. When the team heads there, they meet Mr. Strat. He is murdered right in front of them and the killer runs off. They take the two bodies to their building and search them. 4 days later, the team heads for the town pool, but, Donovan is hiding there, pretending to be a regular child, then a gunshot goes off and panic erupts. 10 mpeople are shot dead. One fractures a skull on a wall. The team goes back to the park 5 days later, then Brandon is shot, then Donovon tries to kill him, but is killed by Justin (Justin Nichols).


  • Donovon Tice - Donovon Greg
  • Brandon West - Brandon Nichols
  • Taylor McWhorter - Taylor Brighton
  • Taylor Swift - Taylor West
  • Justin Nichols - Justin Housing
  • Tristen Parker - Tristen Brooklyn
  • Emma Roberts - Emma Swain
  • Cordelia Tice - Cordelia Greg
  • Maran Smith - Amber Mollenkopf

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