One man was fired when he inadvertently injured another worker with a hacksaw. He came back the next day, with a fully-loaded high-caliber assault rifle. He had extra ammunition strapped around his waist. He climbed up to the top of the construction crane at his worksite, and walked to the edge. He aimed at the head worker, who was walking back to the site. He shot and killed him. At the sound of the gunshots, people nearby panicked and didn’t know what to do. He then shot and killed a 32-year-old man. He then shot and wounded his six-year-old son. He then aimed at another worker, and that worker died. He then shot and killed his own boss. He then shot and tried to kill a woman, but, he hit her in the chest, and she got back up and ran away, limping with every step. He then shot and killed a teenage boy. He shot and wounded the teenager’s brother, who was a year younger than him. He then shot two more people, wounding them without killing them. He then shot and killed two more workers and then shot and wounded a third. He then shot and killed his own girlfriend who had come down to the site to get him to stop. He then shot and killed another teenager, this time the teenager was turning 17 on that day. He shot one more person, wounding him severely. His last injured victim was knocked into a coma. He then shot and killed three more people with good accuracy with his shots. The rest of the people he killed he shot right in a row. That was 2 people. He then realized his gun was out of ammunition, and then looked down, and saw all the dead people being treated for. He got rid of all of his extra ammunition, and laid it down next to his gun. He then saw the police notice him. He kicked his gun aside, then jumped. No one was looking until they heard him hit the ground. He was killed instantly. The reasons for doing this has never been revealed, although being fired may have been the suspected cause.  


  • Harold Newman, age 52 
  • Brenda Pollman, age 34
  • Geoff Hunter Jackson, age 17
  • Gordon Noah, age 30
  • Kevin Lockhart, age 15
  • Brett Muncy, age 49
  • Jackson Tyler, age 32
  • Curtis Michaels, age 51
  • Luke Manning, age 23
  • Tristan Brett, age 39
  • Ian Hartmann, age 45
  • Malcolm Hunters, age 54 
  • George Ashton, age 38 (Gunman)


  • Kurtis Tyler, age 6
  • David Lockhart, age 14
  • Amanda West, age 34
  • Greg Smith, age 45
  • Carter South, age 39
  • Malcolm Earring, age 42

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