In Algonquin, at the Cluckin’ Bell in Star Junction, a man was walking by with a machine gun in hand when he decided to go on a killing rampage. He walked in and when he reached the cashier, he told her calmly to give him all the money. The manager then walked by in the kitchen to see how everyone was working, and he saw the man with the gun. The gunman then shot the cashier that just gave him the money. He then shot and killed the other employees before walking over to the platform near him and shooting a 20-year-old man while he was reading. He then shot a 56-year-old man while he was hiding underneath the table. Only the man underneath the table died. Police immediately responded to the scene not far down the road. The man then continued on and shot three people and killed them all. He then walked over and shot one 15-year-old boy and killed him. He then shot another man nearby and killed him. He then targeted an old man who had a breathing apparatus and a wheelchair and a helper, who was his grandson. He shot his grandson by accident, then shot him in the arm. He thought that he was dead, so he walked over to the manager, and shot him just as police burst in through the door. They ran over, and he saw the officers. He shot one in the chest, and he fell unconscious. He then got into a 30-second shootout while hiding behind a wall. He then walked out in front of the police, and in which one got out a pump shotgun strapped to his back and fired at him, hitting him in the head and killing him instantly. The manager was rushed to the hospital. He vowed to surgeons to tell the police to shut the place down. 


  • Mary Stockman, age 52
  • Rosie Ashman, age 49
  • Ellen Harding, age 39
  • Taylor-Marie Hunter, age 35
  • David Mill, age 56
  • Edward Mark, age 15
  • Devon Darren, age 45


  • Everett Hanson, age 87 (Shot once in the arm)
  • Gordon Lockland, age 42 (Shot once in the thigh and shoulder)
  • Officer Jackson Brown, age 34 (Shot once in the chest)
  • Wesley Hanson, age 27 (Shot once in the shoulder)
  • Donald Gredding ,age 20 (Shot twice in the shoulder and stomach)

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