Surviving the Virginia Tech Massacre of 2007:

David Langston (protagonist)

Michael Harris

Greg Smith (minor)

Surviving the Flight 1549 landing on the Hudson, 2009

Greg Davis (protagonist)

Margaret Davis

Jim Davis

Ruth Davis (minor)

Unnamed Flight Attendant (minor)

Surviving the Attacks of September 11, 2001

Edward Crenshaw (protagonist)

Fred Crenshaw 

Billy Smith (minor)

Radio Reporter (minor)

Surviving the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami of 2011

Kevin Decker (protagonist)

Scott Rogers 

Linda Decker (minor)

Man Over Loudspeaker (minor)

Bus Driver (minor)

Surviving the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

Michael Evans (protagonist)

John Newman

Jason Evans 

Wesley Miles

Teacher (minor)

Surviving Hurricane Sandy, 2012

Alex Johnson (protagonist)

Elaine Rodriguez

Hunter Jackson

Peter Edwards

Tyler Jenkins

Mrs. Stacy Korris

Mr. Corey Brevick

Sally Johnson (minor)

George Johnson (minor)

Surviving the Storm of the Century, 1993

Lucas Sullivan (protagonist)

Logan Brentwood

Jackson Sullivan

Malcolm Brentwood (minor)

Mary Sullivan (minor)

Surviving the Great Lakes Storm of 1913

Carolyn Sweeney

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