A man was talking to his cousin outside when his cousin gave him a gun. He said that he wanted him to go inside for him and shoot and kill everyone in there. He agreed to do it. He hid the gun in his pocket, then walked in and ordered a Bleeder. He threw his burger on the ground, and shot it. He then shot the woman. She died. He then targeted a fat man right beside him, and it took eight shots to kill him. He then shot and killed an 11-year-old boy and his mother. He then walked outside and shot his cousin dead. He then walked back inside and shot a janitor dead. He then shot a teenage boy, but, did not kill him. He then shot his father, but, did not kill him. He thought that he didn’t see anybody left to kill, so he fled the scene. He got on a parked bike, hotwired it, and drove off. When police arrived, they saw seven dead and two injured. After dusting for finger prints on anything, they could not find any. They took the smashed up burger as evidence, but that did not prove anything. The criminal hasn’t been found. 


  • Lisa Edwards, age 52
  • Mark Johnson, age 47
  • Noah Howards, age 37
  • Evan Hirsch, age 11
  • Kayla Hirsch, age 32
  • Joseph Wallace, age 36
  • Greg Linter, age 52


  • Kyle Davis, age 15
  • Aaron Davis, age 47

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