A man was walking with his cousin when he accidentally released his gun. Several police were nearby, and they started shooting. Many other people started shooting as well. The police then called for backup. When the people were hit, the police went over to aid them. When the ambulances arrived, the man and his cousin started shooting at the SWAT truck. His cousin was shot, while he stole a car and continued on. The gunfight stopped finally when one man with a pump shotgun shot and killed two people. He was then shot and killed by police. The car chase through the city continued until the one man crashed his car. He continued on foot until he reached a hut. People evacuated the area as the police arrived. The man crouched and figured out what to do next. When the police came, he shot and killed three. A helicopter pilot then shot at him, and killed him. At the other crime scene, the police arrested five wounded men. They took them to the hospital, then took them to court. One was sentenced to life in prison. The death toll: 11, injuries: 17


  • Officer David Kenton, age 45
  • Officer Freddy McAlister, age 43
  • Officer Edward Noah, age 34
  • Paul Clinton, age 23
  • Gregory Allen, age 45
  • Gregory Mann, age 43
  • Zachary Tujunga, age 37
  • David Allen, age 41
  • Nicholas McCallister, age 23
  • Manny Cornwall, age 56
  • Kevin Locker, age 52


  • Officer Howard Earl, age 54 (Shot once in the head)
  • Officer Greg Mann, age 29 (Shot three times in arm, chest and leg)
  • Brendan Ford, age 12 (Shot once in stomach)
  • Seth State, age 45 (Shot twice in the head)
  • Jackson Newman, age 34 (Shot three times in head and chest total)
  • Alexander Outman, age 44 (Shot once in the face)
  • Hunter Murkowski, age 37 (Shot once in the leg)
  • Lucas Burrell, age 45 (Shot once in the leg)
  • Victor Elidon, age 62 (Shot once in the head)
  • Lance Elizono, age 54 (Shot twice in the face)
  • Daniel Hughes, Jr., age 13 (Shot twice in leg and shoulder)
  • Marshall Lawrence, age 64 (Shot once in the head)
  • Andrew Carnevale, age 23 (Shot three times in the chest)
  • Kevin Bennett, age 26 (Shot twice in the arm)
  • Clark Hughes, age 11 (Shot once in the chest)
  • Officer Anthony Williams, age 36 (Shot once in the face)
  • Officer Bailey Martin, age 56 (Shot twice in arm and face)

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