One man had just recently bought a machine gun from a gun store in Algonquin. He was just getting off of work at the Getalife Building. As he walked past the Bank of Liberty, he saw some accountants dressed in their work suits. They were almost to the door when he, without warning, opened fire, shooting and killing three. He injured one more. He then started targeting civilians. He shot two in the head, killing them. He then shot two more, without killing them. He then saw an approaching police car, and ran upstairs. When he saw the stairs, he decided he would go up to the roof. However, he became exhausted after only four stories. When he burst in through the door, the people working there screamed and shouted, “Don’t shoot!”, but he responded by saying, “I already did!”, and took off toward a closet. He discovered that the door had a lock. By then, people were trying to evacuate the floor, and were oblivious to whatever he was doing. He discovered the closet was a storage closet. He locked himself in there, and turned on the light. He then thought that he would be found if he had the light in, so, he turned it off. He then decided that he would eventually be found, so, he sighed, and said to his late mother that he was coming home, and then when he was done talking to her, he took one last breath, and put the gun up to his head, and pulled the trigger. People on the floor above and below him heard the gunshot, and evacuated both floors. By then, the SWAT team had arrived, and were searching the building. After three hours of searching, one officer saw a closet. He went in and turned on the light. He then saw the dead body by the table. 


  • Gregory Davis, age 37
  • Luke Newman, age 31
  • Seth Ash, age 47
  • Kevin Locklier, age 41
  • Melissa Dernet, age 29
  • Paul Howe, age 39 (Gunman)


  • Edward Wilson, age 47 (Shot once in thigh and chest)
  • David Kenton, age 42 (Shot twice in head)
  • Earl Redwood, age 31 (Shot once in stomach)
  • Seth Edwards, age 56 (Shot twice in arm)

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