On the PlayMindCrack Server, the B-Team was walking around spawn, while being followed around by fans (Obviously). They were walking to the museums when the server crashed. The people working on PlayMindCrack were stunned. The whole server was down. The B-Team contacted Guude and OldManWillakers immediately. Guude and OldManWillakers couldn't find anything wrong with the server, same as the staff. They tried logging back on, and, when they relogged, they were in a ravine in the season 3 server. They were trapped in a series of caves that were explored by Nebris in an episode of his. As they were walking through the cave, people started logging on to the lobby. Due to the B-Team's presence, the whole thing filled up to the point where only Patrons could get on. The B-Team started typing in chat their coordinates on the map. People knew that it was near Nebris' base. What they didn't know was that there was absolutely no way out of the ravine if they fell in, as all of the compasses had been erased from people's inventories. Zisteau logged on to the lobby, and, to his surprise, found no one at his base. He then started touring the lobby, with a huge mess of followers behind him. The B-Team, still lost in the cave with a mess of other people, started finding ways to kill themselves to get back to spawn. The lava and fall damage did not work for a mysterious reason. However, PvP did work. People started killing each other, dropping stuff stolen from the MindCrackers' bases. It was a huge war, and many people ended up back at spawn. The B-Team dug themselves into a hole, which led back into the ravine. People were still falling to their deaths into the ravine. It was a huge ravine of death. Guude and OldManWillakers logged on, but were unable to go into Creative mode. They had to physically walk over to the ravine from Nebirs' base. The chat was filled with people chatting and death messages. So many patrons were logging onto the map that it started to lag severely. Bdubs and Guude crashed, whereas Genny and OldManWillakers were stuck at 0 FPS. Eventually, that whole lobby went down. Some people lost the connection to the server altogether. Eventually, Guude and OldManWillakers shut down the whole server in order to work on it. The staff then resolved the issue by shutting down the season 3 museum altogether, and disabling it indefinitely. 

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