This starts out with Jessica Dampsey home with her 4 children, Michael, Brandon, Wesley, and Taylor. They decide to go to the park, but, a wierd phenomenon occur, and this raises the temperature ouside blast to over 115 degrees. Jessica gathers up her kids and drives home, but, when she puts the air conditioner on, the power goes out, and a solar eclipse takes place, dropping the temperature to below 34 degrees. The eclipse doesn't end, and Jessica drives her kids to her sister's house, because her house has so many lights that some of them stay on overnight. But, when they get there, the eclipse ends, bringing the temperature back up to 115. A storm is then said to be approaching because the warning sirens go off. Wesley is trapped outside, and then, Jessica's husband, Casey, is killed when his car is blown up by a huge lightning strike. The house is then struck, and it cathces on fire, and collapses. Everyone is trapped in the burning basement with no way out. Everyone prepares to die a fiery death, but, a light appears in the guest room, and a ghost takes them to a better place, but, not heaven. They are relieved they are out of the burning house, but, the ghost says that the world is ending. The building they are in starts to flood, but, when it gets up to everyone's necks, the ghost brings it back down, leaving some for everyone to drink. All of a sudden, a giant snake, and millions of giant spiders come out of the wall, causing everyone to scatter. Taylor is taken away and held hostage by the ghost, but, Michael takes her from the ghost's custody and then he is knocked out and never seen again. A magical dog then shows Taylor the way to safety. Jessica's siter is then killed when her kitchen explodes. Once Taylor is otside, the dog dissapears into thin air. Taylor thanks the now gone ghost dog for saving her from death. But, just then, a large tractor comes and crushes the house. Jessica then takes her kids to her parents house, but, they are dead too. So, Jessica takes the kids to aplace unknown the the natural world, and sees the world end before her eyes. She then steps out of the little hut, and everything is completely altered, as if the ghost altered time. She runs inside to save her kids. They are then taken to a place by the magical dog, and then, they are sent to stay there for protection, and when they do, the ghost woman appears, and battles the ghost dog, and to say, they both die in the battle, making Jessica raise her kids on her own.

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