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Is there an age restriction for twitter and Facebook ?

[1] Asked by jayj - 3 Answersfoods What's a great recipe for a nondairy non-red meat soup or stew for a cold rainy day? [2] Asked by ltothek - In foods - 4 Answersarchitecture Can you get to the starting or finishing point of a rainbow? [3] Asked by michellesuliveres - In architecture - 3 AnswersDoes caffeine really stunt your growth? [4] Asked by nickkohler - 5 Answersfoods What type of noodles are in Campbell's chicken & noodle soup? [5] Asked by michkb12 - In foods - 3 Answerskids and family Do you tip your garbage man & postal carrier? If yes how much? [6] Asked by rhigh - In kids and family - 3 Answers

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