Just seven years after the first insect invasion in Houston, Texas, a man in New York is scuba diving to retrieve something he lost in the Hudson River a couple of months ago, but, before he can find it, he is attacked by a gaint shark, at least 150 ft. long. While investigating his death, his best friend, David Hansen, jumps into the water but, brings an underwater camera with him. When he gets underwater in a scuba diving suit, he sees a huge Manta Ray, at least 230 ft. from tip to tip on it's fin-like protrusions. The ray sees him, and kills him. The very next day, NYPD officer Edward Gordon, is on a ferry when he notices something unusual in the water. After he asks a nearby man what it was, a giant squid's tentacles leap out of the water, and crush the ferry. The ferry explodes, sending several people into the water. Several people stay afloat long enough to arrive at nearby Ellis Island,  but, the rest are attacked by Mutated Black-Tip Sharks. While investigating the disaster, a fire-fighter by the name of George Wilson, goes into the subway to ride to the American Museum of Natural History with his sons, all of a sudden notices water flowing in from a crack in the floor. Moments later, the crack widens, and, water explodes out. The water is so hot, several people are burned to death instantly. The subway then floods, causing the subway car to overrun it's track, and break apart. Everyone on the subway car is killed. When people get outside, they see huge Bald Eagles circling overhead. Also, several other predatory birds start attacking the residents, examples being Crows, Vultures, Falcons, and Hawks. George takes his sons inside a restaurant, but, then, the subways start to overflow, and the streets start flooding with water. George then takes his sons up the nearby stairs to the roof of the building. Meanwhile, residents that are unfortunate enough, are eaten by sharks and pirahna. The water then starts to cause buildings to erupt in flame, and fires start all over the city. George gets out his phone, and takes pictures. His son had a camera, and he took pictures. After they take pictures, a helicopter rises from the side of the building, and, a police officer asks if they want to come in.

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