Alien Invasion:

A top-secret government mission: Mission Gold Spirit, was eventually handled in Australia. Several US government agencies looked out towards the sky and found an alien planet about three thousand light-years away. They named it: XS-879. Now, Kerry Ventura and his partner, Justin, are taking off from Hawaii.

After flying over the Pacific for sometime, Kerry and Justin learn of an extraterrestrial attack over Earth. Justin then gathers his weapons along with Kerry, however, after calling the jets, the aliens attack the jets, killing all the pilots. Kerry and Justin then are ambushed by several aliens in their kitchen. However, they hear the cockpit being torn apart. The pilot's head is then chopped off, and the co-pilot is ripped in half by an alien. When Kerry and Justin go to investigate, Kerry is killed. Kevin Wilson, one of the cadets, eventually takes over for Kerry. He then drags Kerry's body to a special room. His body is then ejected out a door. Commander William Oliver takes his cadets and throws them in an emergency lifeboat. The plane then starts to crash, and goes into a spiral spin. Kevin and Justin, who have remained on-balance, even with the severe rotations of the plane, try and stay in a spare room, but, a large fire breaks out near the room, and they are knocked off their feet in the hallway before they can do anything. The plane then crashes, killing Officer William Oliver and three others. However, Kevin and Justin survive the initial impact, and they then are attacked in the kitchen, where aliens kill the two by explosion. The surviving cadets then reach the ground. They find no survivors upon searching. They then march through downtown Los Angeles, and steal an abandoned bus. They discover that aliens are attacking the city. The aliens then cause the people to riot, and the people overpower the bus, and two cadets are beaten by the rioters. However, the other cadets escape, and the other two cadets are eventually killed by the rioters. They other four cadets then go to the top of a skyscraper, and they get in an abandoned helicopter. The aliens try and crash the helicopter, but, the cadets regain control of it, and they start shooting at it. The helicopter is then obliterated by the aliens, and it crashes to the ground. Several weeks later, the government apologizes for discovering the planet, and causing the attack. They announce that they will clean up LA, St. Louis, and Philadelphia, the three cities destroyed in the attack. A farmer then comes upon the wreckage of the plane in LA, while walking his dog. His dog then disappears, and, after searching, he finds an alien chewing on his dog's remains.

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