A man teamed up with another, who had been arrested for trafficking. He bought a high-caliber rifle, and sent the man he teamed up with to the Alderney State Correctional Facility. He said that he had been bullied by his cellmates, and other prisoners. The first man, who I mentioned first, took a taxi to the facility. Upon entering, he drugged a cop, and took his ID, and was allowed in. He then climbed to the top of the prison platform, the cage that protects the prisoners that are outside. This didn’t work very well, as he reloaded his rifle to a full magazine, and started firing. He first shot a man with tattoos all down his right arm. The prisoner died instantly. The guards heard the gunshot, and immediately sprang into action. He then hit a prisoner with orange hair, and he also died. He then hit several right in a row until he missed one prisoner five times. He then reloaded, and finally hit a prisoner. That prisoner happened to be one of the other man’s cellmates. That prisoner died. He then hit another three in a row. He had already killed 12 prisoners. The guards were evacuating the prison, while the man continued to hit innocent prisoners. He hit another one of the man’s cellmates, killing him. The guards then started to climb up onto the platform, and sent a helicopter to kill him from the air. The man then hit one of the man’s cellmates, this one the final one. He killed the prisoner. As guards desperately tried to revive dead prisoners, the man killed two more prisoners. The guards finally decided to hit him and kill him with guns. He tried to kill a guard, but, the guard’s protective clothing helped him survive. He then started to climb down the platform. Upon reaching the ground, the guards attacked, and killed him. He had killed 17 prisoners, and injured one guard severely. 


  • Jackson Brown, age 45
  • Charlie Stot, age 34
  • Tucker Phillips, age 56
  • Tyrone Huntsman, age 56
  • Hunter Turner, age 43
  • Victor Zonda, age 51
  • Tyler Fred, age 54
  • Justin Hunter, age 31
  • Gregory Ellison, age 45
  • Hunter Marc, age 49
  • Anthony Clark, age 43
  • Martin Howards, age 23
  • Victor Elizono, age 55
  • Anthony Martin, age 67
  • Bennett Hughes, age 37
  • Jorden Jennings, age 54
  • Kevin Clark Hughes, age 23 (Gunman)


  • Hector Scott, age 41

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