One man was walking down the street when he saw the Russian Shop. He threatened the employee behind the counter, but, she fled. He then walked into nearby 69th Street Diner. He shot the cashier dead, then started shooting other people. He shot aimlessly, and hit five more people, killing them all. He hit another two more, but, did not kill them. He then fled as a police car pulled up at the sound of the gunshots. They thought he was just fleeing. The police thought that since two men had guns and were crouching next to dead bodies, they put them under arrest without a warrant. The officers were relieved of their duties for false suspicion, and the two men were acquitted. The real gunman was never found. 


  • Taylor Kirk, age 24
  • Edward Hahn, age 32
  • Michael Davis, age 56
  • Fred Hunter, age 23
  • Makayla White, age 17
  • Patrick Isaac, age 42



  • George White, age 20 (Shot three times in head and once in back)
  • Abigail-Taylor Monroe, age 21 (Shot once in back and thigh)

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