The Lite Series is a fictional stock car series that is sanctioned by NASCAR but operates as its own form of stock car racing. In this series of articles we will document every year from the inaugural year 1975 all the way up to 2014. First, we will do the 21st Century. Next we will then start from the beginning in 1975 and end in 1999. In 2000, Jason Hedlesky wrapped up his second and final Lite Series championship. Hedlesky continued to drive until 2005, when he retired at the age of 39. He garnered 18 career poles, the last of which was in 2003, and 27 career victories, the last of which was in 2004. Hedlesky is most known in the lite series, but did win the Sportsman Series championship and rookie of the year in 1997 in his only Sportsman Series season. Here are the races and results:

Track Winner(s)
Daytona Donny Santos
Fontana Jason Hedlesky
Texas Jason Hedlesky
Homestead Jason Hedlesky
Disney Ryan Louis
Atlanta Travis Campbell
Phoenix Kevin White
Pocono Jason Hedlesky
Martinsville Kevin White
Michigan Kyle Hunter
IRP Jimmy Green
Talladega Phil Weston
Pikes Peak Ryan Louis
Richmond Ian Hunt
Sonoma Justin Hillman
Watkins Glen Rob Thomas
Las Vegas Jimmy Green
Nazareth Jimmy Green
Pocono Donny Santos
Kentucky Jason Hedlesky
Rockingham Jason Hedlesky
Atlanta Mike Ferris
Chicago Trent Robins
Milwaukee Rob Thomas
Talladega Andy Tillman
Charlotte Jason Hedlesky
Texas Donny Santos
Bristol Justin Hillman
Phoenix Kevin White
Fontana Donny Santos

Final Points Standings:

  1. Jason Hedlesky
  2. Jimmy Green
  3. Kevin White
  4. Justin Hillman
  5. Mike Thompson
  6. Donny Santos
  7. Robby Noser
  8. Ian Hunt
  9. Ryan Louis
  10. Kyle Hunter

This marked Jason Hedlesky's second consectuive championship, the second consecutive season in which he won seven races, his final stock car championship, and his final top five points finish. He is marked as one of the greatest Lite Series drivers due in part to the fact that he could dominate any race at any track. In 5 races in 2000, Hedlesky led the most laps. He garnered 4 poles, which actually isn't a single-season best for Jason. The most poles he ever won in a season is 7, which came in 1998. This also marked the first ever top-five points finish for Justin Hillman in only his second season. Hillman won two races in 2000, the first two of his 8-year career. He went on to win 12 more. Another notable driver in the top ten in points is Mike Thompson. The former Lite Series champion was the highest-finishing winless driver in the 2000 season, finishing fifth. It was his first ever winless season. It was the first, but not the last, as he never won another race before retiring in 2006 to form his own team. His team, Thompson Racing, has 16 career victories, all with 2009 champion L.J. Mills. also, Ian Hunt and Kyle Hunter got their first and only top ten points finishes. They also won their only career races in 2000, both 1 apiece. The next year we are doing is 2001.

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